South Milltown School Survey; by John A. Schwartz


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Summary of Survey Results



Table 1:  Results From 24 Questionnaires



Questions from Survey Questionnaire (see appendix for complete form)


  1. Are you aware of this project? --------------------------------------- Yes___ No___


  1. Do you / would you support the 4-H club effort? ----------------- Yes___ No___


  1. Would the restored school be a benefit to the community? ------ Yes___ No___


  1. Should the restoration be historically correct? --------------------- Yes___ No___


  1. Do you have children involved in 4-H? ----------------------------- Yes___ No___


  1. Have you personally been involved in 4-H? ------------------------ Yes___ No___


  1. One of the goals of the 4-H club is to re-introduce community events at the school.

          Is this of interest to you? ------------------------------------ Yes___ No___




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