South Milltown School Survey; by John A. Schwartz


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 The object of this report is to evaluate the progress of the renovation project of the old South Milltown School that is being conducted by the South Milltown 4-H Club.


 This building was in danger of the foundation collapsing for the last few years.  The renovation project became necessary to preserve this building for its historic value as well as a meeting place for the 4-H club.


This report will attempt to see how much support (by club members and community members) there is for this project.



Materials and Method


 This report used two main sources to collect data.  Two people who are directly involved in the project were interviewed.  The questions asked are listed on the “Interview Questions” form in the Appendix.  The first person interviewed was Jeanne Alling, the current general leader of the 4-H club.  The second person was Gloria Larsen, who was an exploring leader for over 10 years, and is presently an advisor. 


A “Questionnaire / Survey” form (see Appendix) was distributed to and completed by twenty-four members of the community.  The range of this survey was within a two-mile radius of the school.  This was to find out if the community was aware of the project, and if they were, did they support it.




















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