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Projects that I am involved with:

South Milltown 4-H Club's restoration of old South Milltown School (a one-room country school):

Brandy says:  My master is involved with the South Milltown 4-H club in their project of restoring the old South Milltown School.  The 4-H club owns the building which was built in 1900.  They are using the building as their club meeting now, but the building needs a lot of repairs.  They did manage to raise enough money  with different fund raisers to have a new basement put in and a new furnace installed.  I conducted a survey of the neighborhood to see what kind of community support there is for their project.


South Milltown School events and pictures:

In the summer of 2000, a school reunion was organized by the South Milltown 4-H. All of the people who had attended the school over the years were invited along with all of the neighbors. The event was to announce the 4-H club's plan for the renovation of the building and to ask for donations and volunteer help. The renovation plan was well received by all that attended.

There is also some information on the seventy-fifth anniversary of the school that was held on July 6, 1975.

School Reunion 2000       School Reunion 1975

I Heard the School Bells Ringing     A History of Rural Schools in Polk County, Wisconsin

The information in this book was compiled by Gloria Larsen, Historian of the Polk County HCE (Home and Community Education), as a project for the Wisconsin Sesquicentennial.  It contains a lot of information on the rural schools that were located throughout Polk County in Wisconsin.

Book Information

Milltown High School Yearbook Project:

Several years ago, I found a stack of old Milltown, Wisconsin, yearbooks at a garage sale.  They ranged in dates from 1939 to 1953 (with a number of years missing).  Most of my sisters and brother attended this school, so I decided to purchase them.  I also attended this school in the late 50's and early 60's, before Milltown and two neighboring towns (Centuria and Balsam Lake) consolidated and a new school (named Unity High School) was built in a central location. 

MHS Yearbook Information   

Personal Information and Miscellaneous:

This Webpage contains information on my history.  It includes information on how my place of employment went from a private company, then sold to a large corporation, sold again, and eventually closed (with the manufacturing moving overseas).  I returned to school for additional training, but upon graduating, I was unable to find work in that career field, at least within a reasonable distance from home.  When I started school in 2002, the job market was good, but when I graduated in 2004, the job situation had deteriorated considerably. 

I finally found a job as an electronics technician (my previous career of 30+ years) in late 2005.  This lasted until the end of 2008 when the recession hit this company.  I did get called back to work in the middle of 2009, but then I made the decision to retire and file for Social Security in 2010.  So far, it has been great.  I do not miss going to work every day, especially in the Winter!

Personal Information

Since I graduated from Unity High School in 1963, 2013 was the year for our 50th reunion.  It was held at the home of Win (Baker) Herberg.  I have posted a few pictures of the event here.

 UHS Class of 1963 50th Reunion; page-1    page-2     page-3

One of our hobbies is gardening. Around 2010, we started having trouble with deer eating the plants. All attempts to discourage them failed, so we decided to fence in the garden area. This is a description of how I went about that project.

 Deer Fence For Garden   


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