South Milltown School Survey; by John A. Schwartz


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Future Plans


Some of the proposed plans for future use include:

  • Continued use as 4-H meeting place.

  • Used for Girl Scouts meeting place (used for past year.)

  • Used for school reunions.

  • Used for 4-H reunions.

  • Rent out for family events.

  • Conduct classes for students to experience what it was like in the 1940s-1950s.


A possible project to undertake after the restoration is complete is to use the school as a learning experience for grade school students.  There would be a small number of students selected from each class, possibly grades first to eighth, to participate in this experience.  The teaching would be conducted as it was back in the period selected, possibly the 1950s.  There would be an effort to make it as authentic as possible (even to dressing in that period of clothing.)  This would have to be coordinated with the local school district and participation would be strictly voluntary.



Community Involvement and Support


Community interest in the project appears to be strong.  Only one person in twenty-three surveyed was not aware of the project.  Three people from the community have already   expressed interest in having family events there. 


Four of the twenty-four people surveyed expressed concern about the cost of making the building historically correct.  Also, to what period should the renovation comply with?  Another possible issue is the handicap accessibility problem.  Will that affect being historically correct? 


The present enrollment in the club is at 55 members.  This is largely due to the projects supported and the availability of their own meeting place.  The 4-H club members are quite proud of the fact that they have a meeting place that is owned by the club.












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