South Milltown School Survey; by John A. Schwartz



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Information Abstract


This report is to evaluate the progress of the South Milltown 4-H club on their project to restore the old South Milltown School.


  • Has been used as 4-H meeting place since mid 1930s.


  • Closed in 1959 and sold to 4-H in 1961.


  • Restoration project started in fall of 1998.


  • Crumbling basement replaced in fall of 2001


  • New hi-efficiency furnace installed in fall of 2001.



The plan is to restore the building to be historically correct to a specific period.


  • Repair wall and replace windows with period correct ones.


  • Try to get on Wisconsin Historic Building list.


  • See if grants are available to assist in restoration.



The survey questionnaire was conducted at twenty-four residences that are within a two-mile radius of the school. 


  • Results show favorable awareness and support.


  • Main concern was cost to make historically correct.



There are many future plans for the restored building.


  • Meeting place for 4-H, Girl Scouts, etc.


  • 4-H reunions and school reunions.


  • Rent out for family events.




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